Finest MC cartridge with patented monobloc-ceramic transducer technology.


X-quisite Technology

Conventional transducer with aluminium cantilever


The diamond tip is fixed to a cantilever made of aluminium. Since aluminium is a relatively soft material, the high-dynamic tracking process causes deformation of the cantilever and therefore distortion of the signal. Moreover, there is a joint between cantilever and coil body, which, due to lever action, carries the highest dynamical load of the transducer and cannot pass on the movement without loss.



High-end-transducer with boron or sapphire cantilever


The cantilever is fully or partly made of boron, sapphire or even diamond. Thus, vibration of the cantilever itself is minimized. But the joint between cantilever and coil body is even harder loaded, and this weak point impairs the quality of the signal transmission.



X-quisite transducer with patented monobloc ceramic technology


Cantilever and coil body are made of a single high-strength ceramic piece. Accordingly, there is no more joint at the point of the highest dynamic load, and the music signal is transmitted absolutely pure from the diamond tip to the coil body. X-quisite allows supreme detail resolution and at the same time an extremely natural sound.



Product Datasheet

- Datasheet X-quisite CA

- Datasheet X-quisite ST




Product Launch Event

Modular Audio Singapore

Saturday, January 11th 2020

Report by Leo Yeh on MY-HiEND



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